Wednesday, December 8, 2010

the Watkins family all together again!!!

Darren and Rebecca made it safely to Cleveland around 7pm last night.  They are very pleased with the physicians and nurses at the Clinic.  They said they have been treated so well and are definitely getting one-on-one attention with Logan already.  Rebecca said she noticed right away that the 'stiffness' in Logan's legs has lessened.  He has always moved his legs around, but is doing that now with more ease.  His medications have been tweaked some as well. 

He is going to continue his phenobarbitol and ativan but on a routine/regular dosage schedule.  He is also going to discontinue the dilantin.  The new medication that the doctors wanted to start him on is topamax (a medication that Rebecca and Darren had been pushing for earlier at another hospital).  All these medications can be taken orally (or by the NG tube). 

The doctor was pleased with the most recent chest x-ray. He said that by the way it had been described on the phone, he was expecting much worse, but he was pleasantly surprised.  So, we are happy and hopeful that this 'infection' will mend quickly!!

Due to Logan's PICC line being occluded, the peripheral lines 'blowing' so easily, and nice, plump veins hard to come by on a little babe - the doctors are thinking of surgically inserting an IV today. 

This is all I have at this time in the morning.  Darren and Rebecca both send their thanks and love to each of you out there. They really appreciate your thoughts and prayers.  We are so hopeful for our little man!!



  1. Rachel you are so good at this!!! Love it!! Thanks so much for everything...and to everyone else for your love and prayers!!

  2. We're pulling for all of you! It's fun to keep up to date on how things are going.

  3. Thanks for keeping us up to date, Rachel. We've been thinking of you all a lot and are hoping and praying for the best for little Logan!