Tuesday, December 28, 2010

moving in a positive direction!!

This blogger took the holiday off and I'm now returning with good news!!

On Christmas Eve Day, Grampa and Gramma Badertscher went to see Baby Logan, Darren, and Rebecca.  They were able to hold him and snuggle and give him lots of love.  Grampa gave Logan his Christams present a day early and the nurses put him in his Ohio State Buckeye sleeper!!  (Addison and Kendra have matching sleepers...we can't wait for the 3 of them to wear them all together)

On Christmas Day, Darren and Rebecca begged and pleaded with the doctors to release Logan, then attempted to sneak him out (just kidding on the previous statements) and finally decided to hop home for a quick family dinner and fun.  The doctors reassured Darren and Rebecca to go to Dad and Mom's for the holiday as they felt comfortable with his status. When Darren and Rebecca would call to the hospital they were told that Logan was doing well and that his seizures had lessened. This was fantastic news to us all!! Then, we found out that they had removed the NG from his intestines and reinserted his NG tube to his stomach!!!! They were also going to start bolus feeding Logan his breast milk instead of the continuous feeds.  This would mimic (more closely) what a newborn does when he/she nurses or takes a bottle.  They will start out slow (with a small amount) and then increase the amount with time until he tolerates a larger amount of milk. Way to go Logan!!! We are so proud of you...our little fighter!! 
On Monday, Darren and Rebecca were informed that Logan was doing well with his feedings and tolerating them with ease.  The (even more) wonderful news was that he had been seizure free for over 24 hours!!!

Today as of 4:00pm, Logan has been seizure free for over 48 hours and the neurology team is ecstatic!! They are hopeful that this is not just another cycle that Logan is going through, but that the 'extra' medications that he is taking is actually working.  We will just have to wait and see what happens.  But...at this point in the game, we take every good news....baby steps or giant and.... CELEBRATE!!!!

Thanks so much for standing by....
Blowing up balloons and hanging up streamers in the party room....


  1. We sure tho't of you all over the holiday and missed the updates but glad there is some good news and hope it continues. Loves and hugs to all

  2. Yay for little Logan! THought about you guys on Christmas, hoping you could get some time to celebrate the holiday and it looks like you had more to celebrate than just Christmas. Yay for steps in the right direction!
    Love Kira