Tuesday, December 14, 2010

snow days...

Momma and Logan
This pictures was taken at Strong Memorial Hospital a few weeks ago
 before he was placed on the ventilator.  Sorry I don't have any recent pictures.

Some good news and updates on Baby Logan!!

The doctors are working at weaning Logan off his ventilator.  It is a very slow process for him, but he is making strides.  His pressure is down and Logan is breathing above the ventilator most of the time.  The doctors are pleased with those results and are anxious for more.

Yesterday, the epilepsy team and surgery team were called in to assess Logan and see what they thought could be done.  At this time, they have decided that medications are the best route in trying to control the seizures, however if they - the seizures - become more localized then there is the option of surgery, which might better control or even stop some of the seizures. 

Logan is on a continuous EEG (which is what you see with all the electrodes (sensors) on his head in pictures) where doctors are watching his brain waves for seizures on the computer monitor as well as a camera they have recording him continuously to tell if he is having any outward movement or motions.  Many times, one would never be able to tell he is having seizures because he has no outward signs.

The doctors feel some of the problems with these breakthrough seizure episodes is poor control of his phenobarbital levels.  They feel that if they could get those to stabilize into a therapeutic range, then the breakthrough seizures would lessen and subside.  We are hopeful for these things to happen!!

Darren and Rebecca were with Logan all day yesterday.  They say that he is very alert:  moving his arms and legs all around and opening his eyes and tracking them.  We had plans to go visit but the weather is mandating something a little different.

Here's to warm winter hugs, hot cocoa, and snuggles on this blustery winter day ~ Rachel

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