Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Darren and Rebecca have chosen to have a private family memorial service for Baby Logan.

Click here to go to Logan's obituary

Name:Logan James Watkins

Dates:Birth date: October 19, 2010
             Death date: January 25, 2011

      Logan James Watkins, infant son of Darren Matthew and Rebecca Elizabeth Watkins of Lindley, New York, died Tuesday, January 25, 2011, at The Cleveland Clinic. He was born October 19, 2010, in Elmyra, New York.

     He is preceded in death by his maternal great-grandmother, Rosa Nell Badertscher; maternal great-grandfather, Charles Gross; and paternal great-grandparents, Oscar and Joan Knaggs and Dwight and Marion Watkins.
       In addition to his parents, he is survived by maternal grandparents, Malcolm and Brenda Badertscher of Findlay, Ohio; paternal grandparents, Jim and Janet Watkins of Corning, New York; maternal great-grandparents, Minnie Gross of Caldwell, Ohio, and Milton and Izetta Badertscher of Rawson, Ohio; aunts and uncles, Dana Watkins and Ben and Molly Watkins, all of Corning, New York, Nathan and Rachel Falb of Wooster, Ohio,and David Badertscher of Findlay, Ohio; and two cousins, Addison and Kendra Falb of Wooster, Ohio.
      A private family memorial service will be observed Friday, January 28, 2011. McVay-Perkins Funeral Home, 416 East Street, Caldwell, Ohio, is caring for the family.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

our last visits with little Logan....

These are some pictures from the last visits we had with our little Logan.  He was sweet and perfect and pure in every way.  Addison told us, "Please don't cry, Baby Logan is having meeting with Granddad, God, and Jesus".   We just want to keep in a condition that we can join them in meeting for eternity!!

Holding his hand and not wanting to let go

One of my beautiful girls and my handsome nephew

she sang him twinkle twinkle and abc's

telling Baby Logan about her cats, Lightning and Mater

"Hey nurse, what are all these babies doing anyways?
Are they eating and crying and having medicines?"

not wanting to let him go...

she wanted to constantly hold his hand to her cheek..."he's so soft and fluffly mama" 

giving some kisses...Logan had a few seizures while we were there...when Addison would see it start to happen, she would jump off my lap, put her finger to his lip that was twitching and then it would stop..."see, I fixed him Aunt Becca"

telling him stories and singing him songs....One song was "All Things Living"

she couldn't stop the kisses :o)

 Stretching up to Daddy

my beautiful sister and her handsome boy

helping him sit up

great pic of Rebecca and Logan...Addi looks a little rough
a smile from our precious Logan

pics by Addison:  Mama kissing her Baby

pics by Addison:  Logan sucking his thumb

Logan's little loft

 kisses from Gramma
 Granny snuggles
 sleeping in his 'big boy' crib
Granny and Logan's hands

 I love this picture of him...

 Gramma and her first grandson
 Granny and her first great grandson
 so precious
 his shirt says Daddy's Little Man...
Gramma holding Logan

letting go...

Logan James Watkins passed away this morning at 12:05.

Thank you for all you have done in prayers, thoughts, deeds, and words.  It has helped to pull us through.

Darren and Rebecca are getting mail at our house:
3391 E. Hutton Rd.
Wooster, OH 44691

Thankful we do not mourn as those who have no hope.[1 Thess 4:13]

Monday, January 24, 2011

another update on Logan

Just a quick update this morning. 

Logan had a bad episode yesterday afternoon.  While the nurse was suctioning Logan's airway, his heart rate dropped to the 40's.  His nurses did not expect him to make it through the night, but he pulled through again.  

Darren and Rebecca are strong as ever, waiting it all through.  What an inspiration my sister and her husband are to me!! 

When I opened my hymnbook this morning - this is where I came to.

These few verses have been a comfort to me:

Let not my soul be filled with needless sorrow
When darkness gathers o'er my pilgrim way;
The One who cares today will care tomorrow;
His mighty hand will be my strength and stay.

In Thee, O Lord, my soul will trust today;
Help me to trust Thee alway.

Let not my hope in Christ be ever shaken,
But as an anchor firm and sure remain;
The trump shall sound, the dead in Christ shall waken,
To be with Him when He shall come again.
In Thee, O Lord, my soul will trust today;
Help me to trust Thee alway.

Thanks for standing by~

Saturday, January 22, 2011

we journey on.....

Thank you all for joining us on our journey. 

We really appreciate your kindness in caring. 

Our little man Logan is holding his own.  He is on a couple medications to try and control the seizures but nothing is helping.  We are in a 'waiting period' right now.  We are so thankful we have One we can cast our cares upon and know that He cares for us.  We're glad that He knows best and His plan is perfect!!

Our cousin Tina is also here at the Cleveland Clinic.  She's a couple floors over and a few doors down from Logan and she is fighting hard too.  Last weekend the nurses got a dose of just how big our family is. 
We visit little Logan often and try to snap pictures when we remember.  It's too hard to stop snuggling long enough for a picture, but we do once in awhile. 

Grampa and Gramma Badertscher came by for some Logan snuggles.  Gramma told him stories and sang him some lullabies while Grampa sang him 'Logan's song'.  [Dad has a song for each of his grandkids that is to a familiar tune but Dad puts his own words to it]

Uncie Nate and I have been able to get our holds and hugs too...

 holding tight to U. Nate's fingers

 I love his smile here
 I think he was annoyed that I continued to keep taking pictures...
I forgot to take a pic while I was holding him, so I grabbed a shot after we put him to bed.

Like I mentioned before, Logan had many visitors last Saturday and Sunday - Many of his great-great aunts and uncles and cousins.  Uncle David, Aunt Tami, Sarah, Elisabeth, and Hannah came by, but we didn't get a picture.

Uncle Andrew and Aunt Holly and the kids stopped in for a quick visit too.

Eva Carolus and her mama Anne came by today to visit with Mr. Logan - what a trek - all the way from Indiana...Logan is a special boy!!

Of course, Momma and Daddy are there every day with their little man - telling him stories (like how daddy caught a 10pt just the other day), singing him songs, and giving and getting lots of kisses.

 biting Daddy's finger
 Momma and her baby boy
 wearing Daddy's hat

 The Watkins family

We're thankful for the strength that we're given for each step and each experience along the way....exactly what we're needing and what will sustain us.