Tuesday, December 14, 2010

special visits

The girls and I went to Cleveland to visit our little nephew/cousin and of course Uncle Darren and Aunt Rebecca.  Addison and Kendra stayed with Uncle Darren while Aunt Rebecca and Mama went to see Logan.  I'm guessing Darren is glad he has a little boy and not 2 crazy girls!!

Logan is staying the same.  No big changes at this point.  We're at the waiting part of the game.

Grace, Scott, and Sara stopped by to see Logan today during special meeting rounds, so that was special to have a quick visit with them.  Before going into the work, Grace was a NICU nurse and Sara was a Critical Care nurse so they were familiar with the surroundings. We're so thankful for our friends and workers that hold our hands in the situations we face. 

"Through the night of doubt and sorrow
Onward goes the pilgrim band,
Singing songs of expectation,
Marching to the promised land.
Clear before us through the darkness
Gleams and burns the guiding light:
Brother clasps the hand of brother,
Stepping fearless through the night."

All for now

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