Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Shaken Snowglobe...

Momma and Logan at Strong Memorial Hospital

Logan came through surgery today around 3pm.  He now has a central line placed.  Rebecca says it is a little scary looking, but they can get over that if it's a means to getting him feeling better. 

He was started on a 24 or 48 hour EEG today (depending on what they find and what the doctors are comfortable with).  The doctors are once again pleased with the results thus far.  What they were expecting to see (from what they were told at the previous hospital) was much worse than what they actually did see.  [Did that even make sense??] The previous doctors were saying they were continuous seizures and that is why he had to be on 'so many medications'.  What the doctors are actually seeing and interpreting here at Cleveland Clinic is allowing them to discontinue all his seizure medications except phenobarbital. woohoo!!!

Irving made a visit today to see little Logan, Darren, and Rebecca during the wicked snow storm today.  It was special to see him, I'm sure.  Rebecca said it snowed for 5 hours straight and it was a complete whiteout.  It took the shuttle bus 2 1/2 hours to get to the Ronald McDonald house instead of the normal 5 minutes!! 

So, Logan is still on the ventilator for help with his breathing while he battles the pneumonia/infection.  He has a central line for IV medications, an NG tube for feedings and 'oral' medications and an EEG machine hooked up to his brain.  They are not going to let anything slide here :o)

Signing out on a snowy night in Ohio


  1. Rachel, Thanks so much for the updates. We have been thinking of precious little Logan & Darren & Rebecca constantly. Hopefully they can get some answers now!! They have been so strong. We're all sending our love. Dale & Sue

  2. Thank goodness!! It is about stinking time we get some doctors who listen and think!!! Way to go Logan!!!- Auntie Jill

  3. YES! Its so wonderful to feel like you are moving forward!! Our Becca had one of those pic lines too! It was scary but did the job. Thanks so much Rachel for keeping us up to date! Love ya! Norma Freeman

  4. Appreciate the updates and glad for the better news! Thinking of you. Carlton S

  5. We are thinking of you all every day and am so happy that Logan is in "good hands" at Cleveland Clinic. Thanks for all the up-dates, we are so glad to keep up with his progress.
    Love from, Clayton and Dorothy Tenniswood