Sunday, December 12, 2010

another update

Friday:  Carol and Natalie stopped to see the family for quick visit.  Logan has been pretty sedated with the high levels of phenobarbital but opens his eyes and looks around every once in awhile, especially when he hears daddy and momma's voices.  Uncle Andrew stopped by too.

Saturday:  Grandma Badertscher, Nana Gross, my two girls and I stopped to see Logan, Rebecca, and Darren on Saturday.  The girls and I stayed for supper and were able to watch a Christmas show and participate in arts and crafts at the Ronald McDonald House with Uncle Darren and Aunt Rebecca (Addison shortens it and calls them Oncle Becca)

The doctors say that Logan's respiratory system seems to be improving.  His lungs are doing great.  His ABG's are perfect (WNL).  He is still on the ventilator for his periods of apnea, but overall seems to be improving in that area.  They have an epilepsy physician consulted to follow up on his seizures and how to manage that better.  The doctors are very impressed with Logan's outward alertness and his response even with all the sedation medications.  The doctors also said his feedings are going well and he is growing as they expect him to.  They are thinking at some point in starting bolus feedings to his stomach which would mimic what he would do with a bottle, instead of the continuous feedings to his small intestines. We are anxious for what will come and more news.

Sunday:  Darren and Rebecca went to meeting with us here in Wooster.  The fellowship was wonderful!! Increase Our Faith and May the Lord Depend on You were a couple of the hymns we sang.  Someone so helpfully mentioned to us a couple weeks ago that God is looking at how we face an experience and our attitude and spirit through that experience is important to Him.  Rebecca said that this really helped her and Darren want to face this experience with a good attitude and spirit and try to learn what they are 'suppose to' from it.  We had lunch together before the snow hit.  Now it is coming down fast and furious and I'm waiting for a call that they have made it back to the hospital.

The communication here is wonderful!!  Every time that Rebecca and Darren go into Logan's pod, a nurse goes over Logan's status and any new changes.  Sometime during the day, a doctor takes them to a family room where he or she goes over the plan of care and asks if Darren and Rebecca understand everything and if they have any questions/concerns.  There is also frequent family/service meetings where every doctor that is on Logan's team meets and talks about what they plan on doing and make sure that everyone is on the same page.  Another 'feature' that Darren and Rebecca love is that when there are 'rounds', every service is there and listens to the daily changes - this is at least a dietitian, pharmacist, physician, physician's assistant, nurse, etc.  This is very reassuring to Darren and Rebecca!!

Thanks for your continued love, concern, and prayers!!


  1. Hi! We were glad Rebekah P. shared the blog address with us. Our thoughts and hearts go your way so often, and we are glad for this blog to keep updated on how things are going. Glad to hear things sound so positive and getting better and better!

  2. That is SO wonderful to have that level of communication! While the doctors obviously knew what they were doing during Elliott's NICU stay, we hardly ever got to speak to a doctor. And we NEVER got a sit-down discussion with a doctor. So glad you're receiving that level of care and attention, I hope little Logan flourishes!

  3. Wonderful news to hear there is open communication; that sure eases the whole waiting process I'm sure.