Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Hurry up and WAIT!!!

 Logan's Loft at Strong Memorial Hospital
The puppy is a replica of his puppy, Hunter who is waiting for him at home!

 Momma and her little man

Daddy and his strong fighting son

So....we were all so excited this morning to get Logan to Cleveland!! Then, I received a phone call from Rebecca around the time they were orginally supposed to leave, saying that the trip was cancelled due to weather.  We all were majorly bummed but thankful for people who have Logan's safety in mind.  Then this afternoon, the weather cleared up and it looks like we have takeoff once again :o)  Cleveland Clinic is sending their own plane with a neonatologist aboard.  We were expecting just a nurse...not just a nurse, well you get what I mean. 

Rebecca and Darren saw Logan off.  Rebecca said she was handling it really well because she knows this is necessary to get her precious bundle better.  It's hard to send him off on a plane, but they are willing for whatever. 

I spoke with Darren and Rebecca and they are in route to Ohio, traveling on these snowy and slippery roads.  They know to be slow and safe :o)

Phone calls have been made and it looks like they will have a room at the Cleveland Ronald McDonald House.  They had been staying in a Ronald McDonald house in Rochester and we can't speak highly enough about this charity.  It is most wonderful!!

Some have sent messages and letters to me asking how they can help Darren and Rebecca with their extra medical and personal expenses through this experience and so for now, while they are in Ohio, help can be sent to this home address:
3391 E. Hutton Rd. Wooster, OH 44691
Once they are back home in New York, I will let you know the change of address.


  1. What a great way to keep us who are so far away feeling close. Thanks for the blog updates. Hope the roads aren't too bad and everyone gets settled in soon. How far is this from you guys Nate and Rach?

  2. Thanks Rachel.. this is a super way to keep us all up to date on what is happening to our precious great nephew. We think of Darren and Rebecca so much and all they are going through.. Love to all..Don & Nancy K.

  3. OK, now I've found the blog Janet was telling me about! I found Rebecca's blog first, but I thought she mentioned you setting something up. Thank YOU so much for keep us updated. They are in my thoughts/prayers everyday, so that will keep them even closer.