Sunday, December 19, 2010

movements, meds, and meetings

Sorry for the lack of updates...I took a few days off...but I'm back with plenty of pictures and a little news!!

Darren and Rebecca want to send along their thankfulness to you all for your comments on the blog that are so encouraging, your care packages, your cards, etc.  They mean so much to them and to us!!

Last Saturday:  Addison, Kendra, and I visited Baby Logan, Uncle Darren, and Aunt Rebecca.  While we were there at the Ronald McDonald House a group of Cleveland boys came to sing carols - they are called The Distinguished Gentlemen of Cleveland.  Rebecca and I were really excited to hear some Christmas carols and lo and behold they weren't singers but poets who just happened to volunteer their time to sing carols - wish we had a video of them singing - it sure made us laugh.  But what they lacked in the singing department they made up for it in the Arts and Crafts department. 

Friday afternoon/evening:  special visitors from New York - Grandpa and Grandma Watkins, Uncle Dana, Uncle Ben and Aunt Molly came to visit Logan.  Darren and Rebecca enjoyed catching up with the family.
Ben, Molly, Darrren, and Rebecca:  The girls are looking at the boys

These are pictures outside the hotel room of Darren and Rebecca -
we think they were drawn of the animals of the Cleveland Zoo

Through this whole experience my brother and sister have continued to have a loving, laughing relationship - always doing crazy things together!! Thanks for capturing this moment Janet :o)

Sunday morning:  we all had the privilege of being together at the winter Special Meetings at Harry and Nancy Shaw's.  Jim made the comment that it was special to all be together as it had been about 10 weeks since they last had all been together in meeting. It's hard to believe what all has happened in 10 weeks!!

Here's the most recent pictures of our 'little' big man
When Darren and Rebecca went in to see him tonight the nurses were performing oral care around Logan's breathing tube - Logan was very much awake and alert and kept trying to get the sponge away from the nurse's hand.  They are continually surprised at how alert and responsive he is for the state he is in right now with his medication regimen.
Most recent update: 
  • Doctors feel more confident about taking Logan off the ventilator.  He is breathing really well.  We are very happy about this!!
  • We were so excited about the days of Logan being seizure free - we were all hopeful that the doctors had finally found the right cocktail of medications to give him.  However, he started having seizures again.  The problem that we're running into is that he is maxxed out on the medications at this point that will control/stop his seizures. 
  • The good news is that Cleveland Clinic has a wonderful, cutting edge pediatric epilepsy surgery team that has already been consulted for Logan in the case that this very thing would happen.
  • Last Friday, a PET scan was performed and doctors were/are taking that test and comparing it to the previous MRIs and EEGs this weekend to see if they can find an area on Logan's brain where the seizures are centralized at.
  • This coming Tuesday, Darren and Rebecca have been asked to a meeting that will include all the doctors and services on Logan's care and they will discuss their findings.  We are hopeful for answers!!
Thanks for your care and concern~

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