Wednesday, December 15, 2010

another update on Logan

This is the most updated picture we have of little Logan...I guess he's not that little anymore.  We don't know his weight right now.  They don't like to weigh him with all of his leads on as this isn't accurate. 

Rebecca was afraid Logan would look a little scary with all the contraptions coming off of him, so I'll try to explain them all to de-scarify the picture :o) I will start going from right to left.
  • The electrodes on his head are what are measuring his brain waves and letting us know when he is having seizures - the EEG test.
  • The tube in his nose is his NG tube that is going into his small intestine giving him his mama's milk.
  • The white tape all around his mouth is holding his breathing tube in place.  This is attached to his ventilator which helps him breathe.  It makes the Y-shape and goes off in a couple directions - 1 to the vent and other is his suctioning materials.
  • The leads on his chest and abdomen are measuring his vital signs:  respirations, heart rate, and blood pressure as well as helping his EEG.
  • The clear bandage on his chest is holding in place his central line. You can see the white tubing coming out from under his left hand.  This is where he is given extra fluids and his medications. 
  • The fabric and plastic on his wrists/hands and ankles/legs are braces to help with his contractures, which are much better!!
  • The sensor that is on his foot is a pulse oximeter that is measuring his oxygen saturation or level of oxygen in his blood.
  • He is cocooned in a contraption that helps mimic momma and daddy's arms when they aren't able to hold him.  Straps can be velcro-ed across him to help him feel snug and secure. He is also under a radiant warmer that keeps his temperature stabilized and Logan toast warm.
Hope that helps explain the picture a little better.  He sure is a little cutie!!

The good news today is that Logan hasn't had a seizure in over 24 hours.  The doctors are very excited about this and are hopeful to start getting more aggressive with weaning him off his ventilator. 

Darren and Rebecca were very happy with their surprise visit from Andy and Nicole.  I could hear Rebecca grinning from ear to ear (if that's possible)!!

All for tonight before Bible Study ~


  1. I remember my baby being all-wired up-- they look naked when they finally get free of the wires! Glad he's doing well, hope he has another seizure-free night and day!

  2. Wow, thank you for such an educational girls have been asking about all his accessories! So glad for more good news!