Tuesday, December 28, 2010

oh...this should be added as well....

In my excitement about all the good news, I forgot to mention that CPAP was added as well.  Logan was on CPAP before... as part of the weaning process off of the ventilator.  However, we are not surprised nor are we upset with this move.  With the amount of medication that Logan is on and their side effects being sedation, we (and the doctors) were expecting some respiratory depression.  Logan is still breathing 'good', it's just that he is breathing much slower and not 'inflating' his lungs like he should.  Logan is actually handling this high amount of medication much better than expected. 

He also was having some temperature issues and high WBC's, all indicators that he might have an infection.  Cultures have been drawn and sent to lab, so we will play the waiting game with that as well.  Doctors started him on a precautionary antibiotic until we find out more information from lab.  We would rather be ahead than behind!!

I think....all for now!!

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