Saturday, January 22, 2011

we journey on.....

Thank you all for joining us on our journey. 

We really appreciate your kindness in caring. 

Our little man Logan is holding his own.  He is on a couple medications to try and control the seizures but nothing is helping.  We are in a 'waiting period' right now.  We are so thankful we have One we can cast our cares upon and know that He cares for us.  We're glad that He knows best and His plan is perfect!!

Our cousin Tina is also here at the Cleveland Clinic.  She's a couple floors over and a few doors down from Logan and she is fighting hard too.  Last weekend the nurses got a dose of just how big our family is. 
We visit little Logan often and try to snap pictures when we remember.  It's too hard to stop snuggling long enough for a picture, but we do once in awhile. 

Grampa and Gramma Badertscher came by for some Logan snuggles.  Gramma told him stories and sang him some lullabies while Grampa sang him 'Logan's song'.  [Dad has a song for each of his grandkids that is to a familiar tune but Dad puts his own words to it]

Uncie Nate and I have been able to get our holds and hugs too...

 holding tight to U. Nate's fingers

 I love his smile here
 I think he was annoyed that I continued to keep taking pictures...
I forgot to take a pic while I was holding him, so I grabbed a shot after we put him to bed.

Like I mentioned before, Logan had many visitors last Saturday and Sunday - Many of his great-great aunts and uncles and cousins.  Uncle David, Aunt Tami, Sarah, Elisabeth, and Hannah came by, but we didn't get a picture.

Uncle Andrew and Aunt Holly and the kids stopped in for a quick visit too.

Eva Carolus and her mama Anne came by today to visit with Mr. Logan - what a trek - all the way from Indiana...Logan is a special boy!!

Of course, Momma and Daddy are there every day with their little man - telling him stories (like how daddy caught a 10pt just the other day), singing him songs, and giving and getting lots of kisses.

 biting Daddy's finger
 Momma and her baby boy
 wearing Daddy's hat

 The Watkins family

We're thankful for the strength that we're given for each step and each experience along the way....exactly what we're needing and what will sustain us. 

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  1. Rachel, a few people that used to work with Becca would like to send her somethings. Are there any magazines, books, craft things she might want to help pass the time? Any music she might like to get etc?