Friday, January 14, 2011

aNoThEr DaY....

Hello from the Watkins Family!! We can’t say thank you enough for all the loving thoughts, care, prayers, hugs, cards and packages we have received from our family and friends!!  It means so much to us in our time of need to be a part of His wonderful family!! We’ve had a rough couple days with Logan as you can read in the post before. The doctors feel they have tried every trick up their sleeve for our little man…but he’s a fighter and keeps hanging on. He had a rough morning, but when we were in to see him tonight he was doing “great”!?!?! He’s a little puzzle.
We have some really great nurses that are caring for Logan and we are so thankful for them. One in particular Laura has fought so much for Logan and getting the best care for him. As of right now he is back on the nasal cannula getting some oxygen and he is handling it very well. Laura feels that even on CPAP (a step up from the nasal cannula) when Logan does have a seizure which cause his oxygen to drop the CPAP is not going to help him anymore the nasal cannula would. Plus, he is much more comfortable with just the nasal cannula on (Dad and Mom highly agree J) Don’t know if any of that information makes sense…Rachel does a much better job of updating!!! The Main Point he is on his nasal cannula which is GOOD!
They took him down this afternoon and had another MRI done around 4:00. They want to compare it to the one he had when he first arrived here at Cleveland Clinic. We are hoping to have those results tomorrow morning.
At 2:00 this afternoon they gave him a seizure drug called Klonopin/Clonazepam, which he has been on before, but was taken off when trying to wean down on ALL his seizures meds. Since receiving the Klonopin he hasn’t had any of his desat episodes??? Again, who knows why or what that means. One thing we have learned with seizures is they are very tricky and a lot of times it goes by trial and error to help correct. Which, can be frustrating…but thankful he is in the best care!!

They are still working to try him on a seizure med called Depakote, but they first had to draw labs just to test that his liver could handle it. They are hoping to start it as early as tomorrow…

Gramma Badertscher came to see Mr. Logan tonight along with Uncie Nate and Aunt Rachel…he is always happy for the snuggles as I think are they!!

We also had some other special visitors Grandpa and Grandma Watkins with Uncle Dana, and Uncle Ben and Aunt Molly came too!! We were very excited to see them…they all got a snuggle in too!!

Daddy tucking him in for the night...

 Sweet Dreams...

Again, we can’t say THANK YOU enough, but please know it comes from the bottom of our hearts!!
Love to you all -
Darren, Rebecca and Logan Watkins


  1. Thanks for the new post. Logan sure is a fighter:)) Loved all the pictures. He is surrounded by so many that love him. Hugs & prayers go your way. Dale & Sue

  2. Thank you for another update and lots of pictures, good to see loved ones. Wish we could be there too, but may our prayers be felt; we know they can span many miles.