Thursday, January 13, 2011

Up and Down and all Around...

Where to begin tonight....

We started off the week on a wonderful note.  Logan was breathing so well that he was able to come off CPAP and was weaned to only oxygen via his nasal cannula.  The hope was that perhaps he would be able to come home soon!! 

It wasn't too long though and Logan again, started having oxygen desaturations.  Logan's respirations become slow and shallow which cause a lower amount of oxygen in his blood.  So, back to CPAP we go!!

Wednesday night, Darren and Rebecca received phone calls from the doctors throughout the night, due to the increase in amount of 'de-sats' Logan was having.  They played around with the idea of intubating him again and decided against it.

A couple weeks ago a MRI revealed that Logan more than likely suffered a stroke during pregnancy.  So, let's back up in time to PRENATAL:  At 35 weeks of pregnancy, during an ultrasound, Rebecca's ultrasound technician noticed that the blood flow from the mother to placenta wasn't as good as it could be and sent her to a high-risk OB.  The physician looked at the ultrasound and decided that everything was okay and sent her home.  It was shortly after that when Rebecca stopped gaining weight and just 'felt differently'.  She voiced these concerns to her care providers, but was told this was normal.  No NST or other testing was performed.  At 40 weeks, the ultrasound technician found there to be no fluid and the blood flow from the mother to baby was very, very poor.  An emergency c-section was immediately scheduled and Rebecca was whisked to the hospital.  The same high-risk OB came to do the c-section and decided to do an ultrasound before performing surgery.  After looking at the ultrasound, he decided to labor Rebecca and see how she did.  Rebecca labored for 12 hours before they decided to do a STAT/Emergency c-section, which Rebecca had to have general anesthesia for. So.....

Now trying to piece the puzzle together, it seems as if Logan suffered a stroke due to the lack of blood flow/lack of oxygen after 35 weeks and his body compensated for it by stopping growth and just working on staying alive. This is why he was so small at 40 weeks (6lbs 0.1oz).  His brain is now smaller than average and he has brain damage on the left side of his brain.

Doctors are now saying that surgery isn't an option because they can't just remove a part of the brain where the seizures are coming from because the seizures are 'all over' the brain.  They have exhausted almost all of their options.  They have one more medication to try but it is extremely high risk, but it is their only option.

Doctors are taking off all of his other seizure medications except phenobarbital (this should be done by Wednesday).  If they are going to try the other medication, they will more than likely begin it then. 

Thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers and cards and care packages that have been sent.  It is so encouraging and reassuring to belong to this great family of ours - knit together in love.

I'll leave you with some pictures from Dad and Mom's visit to Cleveland Clinic at Christmastime.
 Gramma singing him some songs and telling him stories..

 kisses from Gramma
Daddy and Logan

All for tonight


  1. Hugs and all the love in the world to you all! So thankful for the reminder of the words of that hymn. I will leave it all to Jesus for I know he understands, things in life I cannot alter, I will leave in Jesus hands. Your in our thoughts and prayers always!

  2. Thank you Rachel.. Words can't express what I'm feeling for you all right now.. Prayers and many thoughts are with you to each.

  3. Love, love, love, and more love sent to you and all your family. xoxo Bryan & Celia

  4. Rachel, Thanks for posting the updates (and the pictures). Your whole family is so much in our thoughts and prayers. Love to all of you.

  5. I'm in tears as I write.....I can't imagine what you've all been going through. Our thoughts and prayers are w/ you.....You all have been so strong. Hugs, Dale & Sue

  6. Our prayers are also with you. So good to see how strong you all are through this, glad to know where your strength comes from. May the Dr.s be guided to make the right choice for Logan and his parents. Love, Dora and family

  7. Thinking of everyone and praying without ceasing. Love you all so very much.

  8. Want to chime in with our love and tears too. Thank you for updating us. Keep strong dear ones.

  9. This comes with hugs, love and tears too. Know that you will keep strengthened and encouraged by the One who beholds our tears and hears our prayers. Like Rachel said...we belong to a great family. Love to all three....B and G

  10. Think of you and little Logan so often, so glad God gives us grace when there's no way we could continue in our own strength!