Saturday, January 15, 2011

More Pictures

Logan had a wonderful day today. He was awake for most of the day and we were happy to see his blue eyes! He loves listening to his music and nature sounds!! We had many visitors...Grandpa and Grandma Watkins with Uncle Dana. Along with Uncle Ben and Aunt Molly.

My cousin Tina is in the Cleveland Clinic also in ICU and is not doing very well... a lot of my mom's family was in to visit and they stopped by to see speical to see you all!! Thanks for taking the time to stop by and say hello!! Love you!

Some pictures from our day today!! 

Mommy was so happy to see his eyes today!

Kisses from Momma

Talking with Daddy 

Out little Family

Uncle Ben and Aunt Molly

Special Time with Uncle Dana

Telling Grandma stories

Watkins Bunch

Have a great Night!

Darren, Rebecca and Logan


  1. So cute to see him looking at you, and I love the different ones of him grasping people's fingers! Glad you had a good day, hope you have a true day of rest tomorrow!

  2. Thinking of lots, of course. Thankful for our day of renewal that can give us strength for the new week.

  3. don't know how I missed this one but loved all the pictures!! That last one is really cute!! love you all!